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Ahmed H. Zewail

It took enormous energy to pass the regulatory and bureaucratic barriers. His father worked with bicycles and motorcycles. Nichols Medal Award The great singer Um Kulthum actually named Kawkab Elsharq — a superstar of the East had a major influence on my appreciation of music.

During the 4th of July, speech held at Cairo University, the President of the United States, Barack Obama, announced a new program of Science Write a paragraph about ahmed zewail as part of the fresh start between the people from the United States and the Muslims all over the world.

He remains a member of the faculty to this very day. In the sixties, Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Science were tops. He became a naturalized citizen of the United States on 5 March The ocean was full of knowledge, culture, and opportunities, and the choice was clear: I never expected that my portrait, next to the pyramids, would be on a postage stamp or that the school I went to as a boy and the road to Rosetta would be named after me.

In March ofI went to receive the award from Saudi Arabia, and there I met Dema; her father was receiving the same prize in literature. The diverse research problems I worked on, and the collaborations with many able scientists, were both enjoyable and profitable.

Zewail based many of his studies on answering questions related to the speed in which the energy in a large molecule is redistributed through atomic motions. On 19 Mayhe was awarded an honorary degree from Yale University.

In my teens, I recall feeling a thrill when I solved a difficult problem in mechanics, for instance, considering all of the tricky operational forces of a car going uphill or downhill. Welch Award in Chemistry Maha, Amani, Nabeel, and Hani. During this period, many of the top universities announced new positions, and Charles asked me to apply.

As a boy it was clear that my inclinations were toward the physical sciences. The area in which he specialized was that of femtochemistry. Inhe became a naturalized citizen of the United States, although he still held ties with his home country of Egypt.

This belief remains true today. My grades throughout the next four years reflected this special passion. Educational Career Zewail has a long and storied educational background.

Postage stamps have been issued in commemoration of his contributions to science and humanity. We used to gather around the TV or read in the newspaper about the recognition of famous Egyptian scientists and writers by the President, and these moments gave me and my friends a real thrill — maybe one day we would be in this position ourselves for achievements in science or literature.

Like his father, he worked for the government. Upon finishing his PhD, he ventured out to the University of California, Berkeley, and completed a post-doctoral fellowship.

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In Zewail embarked on another major venture. Merski Award, University of Nebraska Zewail was the author of some articles and 14 books, and was known for his effective public lectures and writings not only on science but also in global affairs.

I am the only son in a family of three sisters and two loving parents. This council is a very important one in terms of how it aids in formulating US policy in areas related to science and technology. I did not speak or write English fluently, and I did not know much about western culture in general, or American culture in particular.

Ahmed Zewail obituary

He was 70 years old. With time, things change, and I recollected all the wonderful years of my childhood and the opportunities Egypt had provided to me.Ahmed H. Zewail Biographical O n the banks of the Nile, the Rosetta branch, I lived an enjoyable childhood in the City of Disuq, which is the home of the famous mosque, Sidi Ibrahim.

I was born (February 26, ) in nearby Damanhur, the “City of Horus”, only 60 km from Alexandria. Read about Chemist Ahmed H. Zewail, who developed a rapid laser technique that led to a new field of physical chemistry, femtochemistry, on polkadottrail.comn: Feb 26, Ahmed H.

Zewail, has studied atoms and molecules in “slow motion” during a reaction and seen what actually happens when chemical bonds break and new ones are created.

We will write a custom essay sample on Ahmed Hassan Zewail specifically for you. Dec 11,  · Ahmed Zewail Chemist Specialty Femtochemistry Born Feb. 26, (age 67) Damanhour, Egypt Nationality Egyptian, American Ahmed Zewail can be considered one of the most well-known scientists to be born in Egypt.

His work in femtochemistry was quite revolutionary and innovative. His work in this field was so.

Ahmed Zewail, 1946–2016

Ahmed Zewail was born in Damanhur, Egypt, and grew up in Alexandria. His father worked as a bicycle and motorbike fitter before becoming a government official. After studying at the university in Alexandria, Zewail moved to the US to undertake his PhD at the University of Pennsylvania in Born: Feb 26, Ahmed Zewail was a brilliant chemist who developed methods that changed the way we understand chemical reactions.

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Write a paragraph about ahmed zewail
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