Why are rainforests so important

Rainforest destruction occurs for many reasons, from cutting down trees for wood to making room for farms or roads. The unique species in this rainforest is the pygmy chimpanzee, living amidst other precious animal and plant species. This means there is great potential to discover even powerful medicines in this natural habitat.

See our fact sheet Rainforest Tribes below for more information.


There are a number of causes of rainforests disappearing from the world. Temperate rainforests, on the other hand, are situated along certain coasts in temperate zones.

We need roads, pulp for making paper, land for agriculture, wood for timber, extraction of minerals and energy and many more. This rich biodiversity offers humans an opportunity to enjoy the natural wonders of the world through tourism and exploration.

So much of our wildlife in all sorts of ecosystems today had their beginnings in these rainforests.

What is a Rainforest?

And what a collection of plant and animal life it is! Much less than that in Australia — just 0. Medicines Hundreds of rainforest plants are used in modern medicines. In just one year in19 new species of lemur were officially recorded in Madagascar.

The rainforest takes up a significant chunk of Northern Congo. They consist of the Tongass rainforest in Southeast Alaska, which is the biggest. The next is the Chugach rainforest in South-central Alaska and lastly, the Boreal forest, which occurs in the interior. To be a rainforestan area must receive at least 80 inches of rain each year.

We have something extraordinarily special here in Australia. By absorbing carbon dioxiderainforests help to reduce the effects of worldwide climate change.

This explains why rainforests should be conserved at all costs. For instance, the cocoa tree found in tropical rainforests produces over chemicals. Future evolutionary innovation often restarts from these ancestral genes so their protection is vital.

In the Amazon, for instance, over half of the water found in the ecosystem is held within the greenery plants. They are frequented by nature lovers.

You can easily make a great contribution and ensure they are here for your children, their children and their children to enjoy.

Why Are Rainforests Important?

Why are Rainforests Disappearing? Mitigate climate change Lack of trees can lead to the climate change phenomenon. The canopy can easily be feet or more above the ground.What is a Rainforest? Why are Rainforests Important?

So, as you may suspect, this is the first benefit found with the rainforest.

Inside of the rainforest are many plants and animals which supply us with so many things, as listed below. Natural medicines. There are many reasons why rainforests are important which can be put under the following headings: The forests and soil also lock away carbon, an important function, especially in this age when humans are causing so much carbon dioxide to be released into the atmosphere through, for example, transport and fossil fuel power stations.

Why Rainforests? Why are we concerned about rainforests?

Why Is the Rain Forest so Important to the World?

They are the most biologically diverse and ecologically complex terrestrial ecosystems on Earth. Why are rainforests important?

What is the canopy? How much rain do rainforests get every year? Tags: “why is the rain forrest so important?” Thanks for WONDERing with us, chloe! Listen. Do you love trees? We do! In addition to the important role rainforests play in Earth's climate. Why Is the Rain Forest so Important to the World?

A: Quick Answer. Rain forests are important to the world because they provide a habitat for millions of species of organisms, they regulate the world's climate, they store nearly half of the world's rainwater and they contain plants that are used in modern medications. Although rainforests.

why are rainforests important? Flying over the heart of the Amazon is like flying over an ocean of green: an expanse of trees broken only by rivers. Even more amazing than their size is the role the Amazon and other rainforests around the world play in .

Why are rainforests so important
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