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Instead, go to Bedwell Hay Lane in Witchford village and follow the signposts. Arguably, it was the wrong place to build an airfield in the first place, but all the best sites had already been taken. In the s security personnel on night watch duties often reported hearing the sound of phantom children playing on the base.

He was the rear gunner on board Lancaster DS when it was attacked by a Luftwaffe night-fighter. West writing airfield cambridgeshire county Hauntings of RAF Wittering In the early part of the Second World War a returning bomber in distress tried to perform an emergency landing at the airfield but tragically crashed into the control tower killing many airmen.

Concerned security personnel at the base would also report that lights would be mysteriously turned off in buildings which were supposed to be secure. Two airmen are amongst the names listed.

Some land returned to agricultural use. Access to the footpath is not possible from the Business Park. The New Inn opened prior to and closed in the late 20th century.

Searchlights would also have the habit of suddenly switching themselves off for no apparent reason. And in the remaining ten days of that month alone, another five aircraft were lost on various operations.

Stuart Orme Haunted Peterborough. As the war went on and casualties mounted, however, aircrew of whatever nationality were posted to the squadron as required.

The control tower itself is said to be haunted… Lights are switched on and off by their own accord and eerie unexplained banging noises are often heard. And then they were scared witless when they saw the ghostly apparitions of people in frantic activity manifest around them.

It also borders Shudy Camps to the north and has a short border with Bartlow to the north-west. In brief… RAF Witchford From lateWitchford was the operational base of Squadron — which sustained more aircraft losses than any other squadron in the RAF during WW2 The site is now used as a light industrial estate, with the remaining land returned to agriculture.

This footpath leads all the way to the village of Little Thetford and, along the way, there are some excellent views of the former airfield site.

But, dotted here and there amongst the standard light industrial sheds, there are some interesting finds. See the map below for more details.

Many believe that these spirit children are the ghosts of six youngsters who were tragically killed in an train crash at nearby Abbotts Ripton. There is good public access to parts of the site, with the remainder clearly visible from roads and footpaths.

Sure enough, inMepal was selected as one of the sites for the deployment of Thor medium-range nuclear missiles. The officer tried to report his encounter with the phantom pilot but was told to forget about it as the apparition had been seen before on many different occasions!

On another occasion the strange creature was seen climbing over the security fence and heading into the North Woods.

RAF Witchford is next to the village of Witchford. Airfield site Only one of the dispersed sites survives in anything like its original form and, unfortunately, the buildings are situated on private land and are therefore not publicly accessible.

Over the four months from September to Decemberfor example, the squadron undertook 49 operations and lost 18 aircraft. Her ghostly apparition has been seen by terrified witnesses in and around the Herstmonceux Room!

The site was a difficult one. The airfield eventually opened in June There were a variety of reasons for these losses, and some of these reasons will never be known because the aircraft involved disappeared without trace, but the simple fact was that flying bombers at night, over enemy territory and in sometimes poor weather, was an extremely dangerous thing to do.

Things to see Witchford Squadron Memorial Situated in open space at the northern edge of the airfield site. There were two alehouses licensed in Castle Camps inand in there were 2 pubs — The George, which closed aroundand The Cock.

He fell over 18, feet and, miraculously, his fall was eventually broken by the branches of pine trees and snow drifts below. Some witnesses say that they see the aircraft quietly descend and disappear into thin air before it reaches the ground whilst others say they actually see it crash into the control tower!

Witnesses have also reported hearing the sound of wartime aircraft flying low overhead even when nothing can be seen in the skies. Phantom footsteps are also heard walking along the empty corridor of the old Number 1 Squadron hangar.

Public footpath A public footpath follows the former perimeter track past what was the western end of the main east-west runway. A small number of wartime buildings remain.

Castle Camps, Cambridgeshire

Think of the seven men in each aircraft, facing long and very dangerous flights into enemy territory.Bourn Airfield Bourn Airport (IATA: n/a, ICAO: EGSN) is located 7 NM (13 km; mi) west of Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England.

The airfield was originally constructed during World War II as RAF Bourn and was principally used as a base for heavy bombers - Wellingtons, Stirlings and Lancasters were all based at Bourn at one time or polkadottrail.comor: Rural Flying Corps.

History of RAF Wratting Common

May 04,  · Linton, Cambridgeshire topic. Linton is a village in rural Cambridgeshire, England, on the border with Essex.

and Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire to the west. The city of Cambridge is the county town.

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Modern Cambridgeshire was formed in as an amalgamation of the counties of Cambridgeshire and Isle of Ely and. Cambridgeshire. AIRFIELDS. Bassingbourn Benwick (White Fen Farm) Bottisham Bourn Cambridge (Teversham) Castle Camps Caxton Gibbet Chatteris Conington (Hall Farm) Croydon (Top Farm) Duxford Fen Ditton Fen Drayton (College Farm) Fowlmere Gamlingay (Five Acres Farm) Gransden Lodge Little Gransden Littleport (Orchard House).

Haunted: RAF Wittering, Wittering, Cambridgeshire. Stewart | On 23, Jul In the early part of the Second World War a returning bomber in distress tried to perform an emergency landing at the airfield but tragically crashed. Castle Camps, Cambridgeshire. Jump to navigation Jump to search.

Castle Camps; All Saints RAF Castle Camps operated as a satellite for RAF Debden and RAF North Weald and numerous squadrons flew from the airfield until its closure in January The land was sold between and and is known for writing the hymn "O.

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