There is no point preserving the past we should be looking to the future

So if we can preserve and learn about history we can refrain from repeating mistakes and we can use what worked in the past now and in the future. As a child I remember reading about the great Roman Empire and how it fell.

Foods needs to be stored in the right temperature and in a controlled moisture environment to ensure that no micro-organisms spoils the food. Everyone should plan for their future to live a better life. Soon, It is possible for Antarctica to be inhabitable again maybe million of years from now or so.

What was life like before the computer? In addition,the perception that human is above all the other being on earth is completely wrong. For an example we have had 6 recessions before in our country the U.

Many inventions and discoveries were derived by moving beyond past knowledge, hence able to contribute to the advancement of society.

How did they meet them?

There is no point in preserving the past Essay Sample

What challenges did they have? Student Answers shiloh96 Student PLease help me on this topic. Why should food be preserved?

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The land in Antarctica is about two times bigger than the U. What is your opinion? Thus remembering the past is not pointless. Snow leopards need to be preserved for the role they play in thefood chain.

Why wildlife should be preserved? More essays like this: Many elderly are willing to travel to Singapore to enjoy this performance during the 7th month. History is one of the things we investigate, and we do so in attempt to get a glimpse into the lives of the humans that lived in past times.

Humans lived then and under the conditions of the time. Also called the "lungs of the planet", rain forest serves as the main source of genetical diversity and new animal and plant species. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

IF there are still people and the world we know today still exist. So, overcome the pathos of past, overstep your own goodness which you earned in the past, but do not forget the mistakes you did earlier, otherwise, there would be chances to repeat the mistake.

There are a number of reasons for preserving history. Everything changed over these periods of time. Will the vestiges of past traditions, methods and culture impede the progress of mankind?

How can antarctica be preserved for the future?

What good you have learned and what bitter lessons you have got, accumulate all these.Use the past to remind us of where we’ve been, the mistakes made, and of what we don’t want to happen again. The future is new fresh and bold and unseen by human eyes.

We can make it whatever we want it to be. Get an answer for 'PLease help me on this topic. "There is no point in preserving the past. We should be looking to the future.

O level English Essay:There is no point in preserving the past. We should be looking to the future

What is your opinion?" PLease help me on this topic. "There is no. Ironically, in the midst of their “pragmatic” judgement of keeping the past alive, these people have failed to recognize that preserving the past could well be beneficial in social and economic aspects, and even pertinent issues such as political decision making, and therefore, preserving the past has no less value than building the future.

We Should Not Preserve the Past, We Should Look to the Future Essay We should not preserve the past, we should look to the future. We are living in the modern era, where people are practical and realistic, optimistic that new inventions and discoveries will improve their lives.

Jan 17,  · Without the past there can be no future! Everything that was has been,everything that is will be, and everything that will be, will be.

How do you conserve energy and preserve nature in the environment for the future?

The point of not preserving the past is flawed logic, it's defeatism at it's worst. That's assuming the past had/has no value and that things will be better in the Resolved.

there is a point in preserving the past because it will help us with clues and the experience to solve problems in the future it is only if the past hurts that we have to learn our lesson from and stop thinking about what happened.

There is no point preserving the past we should be looking to the future
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