The port of seattle

Stay on Madison until you come to the waterfront 7. I am the Manager of Talent Development and Diversity at the Port of Seattle, which is a special purpose government division managing the seaport. Turn right at bottom of ramp and follow signs for cruise terminal parking or cruise terminal To Pier Here is the MAP.

Port of Seattle Cruise Terminal Info, What You Need to Know

Parking for Pier 99 accommodates regular private vehicles, as well as oversized ones with 1, secure spaces and complimentary shuttle service. Take exit left-side off-ramp to Mercer Street 3.

Stakeholders from The port of seattle retail sector, port leadership and labor leaders are voicing strong support for a measure which would request Congress to reform the Harbor Maintenance Tax HMT so that it no longer places a handicap on West Coast ports vying for business from U.

Conveniently located near the cruise terminal, it offers 1, secure parking spaces. Please allow minutes for the taxi ride back to Pier Head north on I-5 and follow signs to the Mercer Street Exit 2. The sale would be a divestment to appease the U. Driving Directions to the Port of Seattle: As my fellow green nerds know, cold ironing with engines off is a terrific way to reduce emissions in port!

Turn right onto Alaskan Way 7. They are clarifying their values and practices with the ultimate goal of increasing equity, diversity and inclusion in their work. Learn about this unique Port Valet Program. The facility itself has recently benefitted from an extensive upgrade. By building capacity to address racism, they will also improve their ability to recognize and address other forms of discrimination such as sexism and heterosexism.

Metruck as new executive director From TTN: This terminal is also within walking distance of downtown, close to many of the local points of interest.

Soike said that in all, 11 current executives will return the money, including himself. A bill that would limit campaign contributions in port commission elections is moving to the state Senate after passing the House with near-unanimous approval.

Western joins Elliott Avenue West 1. Head south on I-5 and follow the signs to the Mercer Street Exit 2. It arrives following a record cruise season for Seattle, with even more passengers expected this year.

Port of Seattle has created and restored over acres of wetland and aquatic habitat. Passengers departing from the Bell Street Pier Cruise Terminal at Pier 66 can obtain a complimentary taxi voucher for service back to Pier Northwest Core Member Port of Seattle, Washington The Port of Seattle is working to ensure that their policies, practices, and procedures recognize and address social injustice as it impacts the work of the Port.

Take the first left onto Valley Street 4.

Port of Seattle

Rather, it is integral to policy, processes and programs that are woven into all daily activities within the port community. Valley Street merges into Broad Street 5. The payouts were meant to attract and retain employees, the port has said.

Turn right at bottom of ramp and follow signs for cruise terminal parking or cruise terminal From Interstate 90 West 1. The bonus program was said to be more economical than handing out ongoing raises. At the Port of Seattle, diversity is viewed as a source of possibility and strength.

Take a right turn on to Fairview Avenue North feet 5. Commissioners are still negotiating an exit package with the former CEO, who says he will ensure the agreement includes repayment of his own bonus. Bend right to Western Avenue 0. The Port says it still supports the bulk of the bonus program, which was meant to help frustrated nonunion employees whose schedules had been increased from So did more than 45 others.

Two hundred individual vessels per year sail from her docks.The largest and most densely populated city in Washington State, Seattle is known as the Emerald City, in recognition of its lush evergreens. SIDA: Mandatory security class that must be taken and passed before a port badge is issued.

You may take the SIDA three times; if you fail to pass after the third time you must wait one year before retaking the test. What are the directions to the Port of Seattle, Washington cruise port terminal?

A. Smith Cove Cruise Terminal 91 West Garfield Street Seattle, WA. Port of Seattle website. Royal Caribbean Directions to Seattle Cruise Terminal: From I-5 South: Head north on I-5 and follow signs to the Mercer Street Exit.

Special Instructions. A Service Port is a CBP location that has a full range of cargo processing functions, including inspections, entry. The Port of Seattle is a government agency overseeing Seattle's seaport and airport.

As a special-purpose municipal corporation, its mission is to advance trade and commerce, promote industrial growth, and stimulate economic development [1]. Port of Seattle Police K9 Iskandar "Izzy" retired last fall after working at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Sea-Tac) since K9 Izzy was assigned to POSPD Officer Dave Irons and assisted with over incidents including presidential sweeps, clearing bomb threats, dignitary details and high profile federal court cases.3/5(41).

The port of seattle
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