Speed thrills but also kills

The electronic device has the ability to record eight types of traffic violations, including speeding, not keeping safe distance, ignoring lane discipline, reckless driving, use of mobile phones while driving, road shoulder violation, not using indicators while changing lanes, and parking vehicles in non-designated places.

Ignore gestures and refuse to return them. Administrative Speed thrills but also kills - regulations related to aggressive driving. Racing Races are fun to watch but only on TV. So frequent have the accidents become, that the unprecedented rise has prompted the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services DCAS to provide well-equipped four wheel drive vehicles nearby, ready to swing into action and reach the incident site as fast as possible.

There has been an immense improvement in the safety standards in the cars to minimize the injuries in case of collision. Of the 44 sustained injuries, 28 were minor, nine were moderate and four were serious, bin Deri said. Most of these fatal accidents are linked to over-speeding that leads to losing control of the wheel and hitting the median or colliding with other cars.

While both the boys were admitted to a nearby private hospital in an unconscious state, an hour later his cousin succumbed to his injured. Adventurous youths, looking to engage in different hobbies, have made the neighbourhood a busy place with uncertainties. That spurred DCAS, armed with its four wheel drive vehicles, to be on alert, and cope with any eventuality, he said.

Citing example of recent accidents Col. This year also, such flipping over accidents caused due to overspeeding have claimed three lives and injured four in Sharjah.

They would have to pay hefty fines, gain black points and also get their licence suspended.

Speed thrills, but it also kills

It is mandatory to take the accidents victim to a civic or trust hospital. Sometimes vehicles occupy road shoulders and sidewalks when they want to avoid traffic jams, said one engineer El He. This year more than 20 such horrific accidents took place on various roads of the Emirate and claimed the lives of many people and also caused disability to many others.

Call as soon as you can safely do so Wear your seat belt. Major-General Mohammed Saif Al Zafin, Director of General Department of Traffic, said that the Dubai Police is keen to prevent people from using road shoulders, which were designed to be used in emergency cases, adding that Dubai Traffic police has installed 14 road shoulder radars on various roads to control drivers who move on road shoulders.

Youngsters must always remember that it is always better to be safe than sorry. In order to correct the situation a meeting by the WHO would be held in the Asian countries where they would discuss trauma centres that remain "inadequate, unorganised and inaccessible". At an age where speed might be thrilling, one must not forget that there are loved ones whose love and care should be valued much more than few seconds of exhilaration.

Police call for separate motorcycle lanes Top police officials from the Sharjah Traffic Police said these kinds of accidents formed 80 per cent of the overall road incidents that took place in Sharjah during and A sombre Azharuddin arrived from London on Monday morning after getting the news and everyone in the cricketing world is shocked.

There are various tedious government rules that have to be followed after an accident, which is also one of the main reasons as to why the mortality rates are so high among the riders.

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Al Warqa has become a densely-populated area, with thousands of people from inside and outside Dubai flocking to it despite the small space, he said.

Over the last three years in Delaware —people were killed in crashes related to aggressive driving behaviors. Following these horrific accidents the police deployed more patrols at intersections, roundabouts, highways and crowded areas like shopping centres.

The impact of such accidents is so intense that the vehicle turns over several times, killing the drivers and his passengers instantly. Put your pride in the back seat. Most of the studies on risk involved in speeding suggest that in the vehicle is in very little control at higher speeds than one might assume it to be.

Ayazuddin is still critical and battling for his life and already has had a bout of cardiac arrest. Many teenagers find it fun to race around on the streets for mere fun failing to see the lives they risk on their way.

Friday has the highest number of speed related injury crashes. If convicted of a second or subsequent aggressive driving offense within three years, they may face a day license suspension. Cell Phones cell phones are the biggest distractions while driving. What to do when confronted by aggressive drivers:You would never get into a roller coaster without putting on a seat belt, so why would you get into a car without wearing one?

OHS wants to remind everyone that speed thrills but it also kills. Oct 24,  · India has one of the world’s highest accident rates, yet nothing is done to correct the driving pattern of young people who are the cause of most accidents and also its victims, a study by an Author: IANS.

Nov 16,  · SPEED THRILLS BUT KILLS! It is an obvious fact that errors at a higher speed are always more dangerous than the ones at lowers speeds. Factors leading to speeding. Alchohol also leads to agression that results in speeding among the drivers under the influence.

Speed Thrills but Kills In: Other and the traffic police needs to be vigilant. stringent actions ought to be taken up not only by the government but also by the people to seize this menace on the killing roads.

people seen bereft of helmets and seat belts should be heavily penalized. the epitome lies again in the Indian capital where. Speed thrills, but also kills. Speeding was the major cause of around 80 per cent of accidents in Dubai last year, revealed an annual report released by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

Speed Thrills BUT Kills. likes. Drive slow live forever.

Speed thrills but also kills
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