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The best museums featured shows by the important artists who used these styles. These radio networks are what would later become television networks we know now with names like NBC and CBS both going on the air.

Many new things arose in this era.

The 1920s - Research

These were all popular along with swing dancing. Motion pictures were also becoming increasingly popular. But the roots of these kinds of entertainment can all be found in that decade. This was one of the things that molded the decade into something remembered as great. The Charleston was one of the better-known dances.

As they became cheaper, radios became a part of virtually every home in America in a few years. Movies, radio, and the music all survived not so much the specific styles of music. This event made movies big business.

The first talking film, Don Juan, premiered on Broadway in This paper will cover some not all of the significant events and inventions that happened in this revolutionary decade. Gasoline-powered tractors had just recently begun to be sold commercially.

One popular book was F. Many new vitamins and their healthful characteristics were discovered too. This is a lot compared to only something in the s. Penicillin was also discovered to Roaring twenties research paper antibiotic properties later in Many fads came and went and included different fashions, terms, and ways of life.

It looked as though the average American had a lot to look forward to in the s. The benefits of a healthy diet were also realized.

Writers now sent messages like "war is not noble, but irrelevant," and "the life of the traditional American farmer degenerated into incest and greed. Entertainment also changed in the twenties. The twenties also had a distinct style in literature. It is a more accurately old story of the time than others written today because it was written in the time period portrayed in the story.

There were plays offered in in New York City. Well-known parts of the "Jazz Age" include, jazz, flappers, fashion, and the radio. The dress of both men and women changed drastically in the s.

Some say eighty, some say seventy, but everyone agreed that Broadway was booming in the s. You would tune in at the right time to hear comedy shows, sports, news, live events, jazz, variety shows, drama, opera, the radio had everything!Roaring Twenties research papers examine the term popularly applied to the decade of the s, characterized by jazz music, speakeasies.

Roaring Twenties Paper it was an age of art, it was an age of excess, and it was an age of satire." The Roaring Twenties The 18th Amendment, establishing Prohibition, becomes law.

The 19th Amendment passes, giving 26 million women the right to vote. Join millions of other students and start your research Become a StudyMode Member. The most familiar symbol of the “Roaring Twenties” is probably the flapper: a young woman with bobbed hair and short skirts who drank, smoked and said what might be termed “unladylike” things, in addition to being more.

Research Paper: Roaring Twenties - Research Paper: Roaring Twenties After World War 1, America had to demobilize and revert back to a peace time economy.

During the ’s, it was viewed as a prosperous economy since there was a new labor force due to demobilization, new inventions, and a new infrastructure.

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Roaring twenties research paper
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