Redesigning the khan academy teacher toolkit

Study Island Feature Focus: Teacher Toolkit

Khan and Hess are somewhat onto this, but seem to be thinking of it more as just enabling in-person teachers of any quality to engage in more interaction with the kids they have — rather than specifically to give dramatically more kids access to the best available in-person teachers.

As technology advances, students will still need accountable adults taking responsibility for their learning. Hassel received her Redesigning the khan academy teacher toolkit and master in business administration degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she served on the North Carolina Law Review.

The implementation To test, we set up a new service running on App Engine Flex, based upon a minimal Ubuntu image with OpenJDK 8, into which we compiled a small web application based on the Spark web framework. While tinyquery is very helpful for us, it still relies on us having generated and used test fixture data that is up-to-date and contains enough variety to detect any issues.

This gives us more flexibility to do asynchronous background processing, or to serve more requests simultaneously. Experimenting with Kotlin during the hackathon: All in all, with Kotlin we now have another great tool available at Khan Academy for writing the best software we possibly can, in order to provide the best possible experience for our learners.

Hassel was named to the inaugural class of the Aspen Teacher Leader Fellows program, designed to cultivate and support teacher leaders who are working to improve the teaching profession and student outcomes. But homework flipping is not required a good thing — see the end of our post.

Excellent teachers could use that time to reach more kids. Uncaught user agent parsing differences propagated into our analytics code for calculating learning sessions — if you switch devices, we start counting a new session — which in turn propagated into the code that calculates total time spent learning.

Kotlin on the JVM supports true parallelism within a single process, whereas Python in the CPython implementation available to us does not, due to the global interpreter lock. To be clear, our goal is not to rewrite the entire Khan Academy site in Kotlin or any other language.

Available for middle and high school students, virtual labs help students learn key science concepts with short interactive animations, examples, and virtual experiments.

For us, a less expensive site means less money spent running inefficient code and more money spent on making the best possible learning experience. For example, if you are teaching a lesson on fractions, you can very quickly find a teacher video, math practice activities, a lesson plan, and animation to support your instruction.

Instead, we want to be able to take a few critical or costly parts of our codebase and optimize them to the extreme. The most interesting was maintaining backwards compatibility of the data we were recording for analytics. Study Island Feature Focus: His work has appeared in Education Next, Education Week, and numerous other publications; he blogs for Education Next and is a frequent guest blogger on other forums, such as Education Week.

This is our API for recording analytics events from web clients. This application reimplemented the single API endpoint we wanted to port, along with a bunch of supporting middleware for things like Khan-compatible authentication and request annotations for analytics.

He is a recognized expert on charter schools, school turnarounds, education entrepreneurship, and teacher and leader policy. Kotlin has a static, yet expressive type system; Python is dynamically typed. This dual power of technology —both to extend reach of super-instructors boundlessly no more low-value homework and large-group time AND to allow reorganization of great on-site teacher time — is worth hyping.

Kotlin is a modern, statically typed, compiled programming language that runs on the Java virtual machine. How did these differences slip through the cracks?

He is a senior research affiliate with the Center on Reinventing Public Education, and a nonresident senior fellow with Education Sector. He consults nationally with leading public agencies, nonprofit organizations, and foundations working for dramatic improvements in K—12 education. For our learners, a faster site translates directly to less time spent waiting and more time spent learning.

Khan and his kindred may be able to overcome that, but it reinforces the importance of reaching more students with excellent instruction — live and online — during the 35 hours per week they are already in school. But now we can choose static or dynamic typing based on a the requirements on a given piece of code.

Challenges During the rollout, we did encounter some unexpected challenges. To be frank, our Python code has a lot of room for optimization within Python, so why start over in a new language?Introduction to Khan Academy and Official SAT ® Practice on InKhan Academy and the College Board announced a landmark partnership to provide free, world-class test practice for all students.

Khan Academy: Not Overhyped, Just Missing a Key Ingredient – Excellent Live Teachers written by Emily Ayscue Hassel and Bryan C. Hassel on June 13, Rick Hess was right to question the simplistic hyping of Khan Academy’s online video lectures in this Straight Up post.

LearnStorm is Khan Academy's free, back-to-school program that gives teachers a powerful way to jump start the school year. By combining growth–mindset activities and lesson-aligned practice, LearnStorm drives mastery of core academic skills, motivates classrooms, and builds students’ confidence.

Redesigning the Khan Academy Teacher Toolkit by: Kim Pham Summary The Khan Academy (“KA”) Teacher Toolkit is a comprehensive resource for teachers on how to implement Khan Academy in the classroom The existing toolkit navigates users through several key topics and contains an expansive library of videos, text, documents and links.

Learn how to use Khan Academy for in-class practice, homework, review, and test prep. Discover how teachers use Khan Academy to differentiate, remediate, and provide enrichment.

Khan Academy: Not Overhyped, Just Missing a Key Ingredient – Excellent Live Teachers

Get a site tour, and see Khan Academy’s teacher tools. Understand your students’ experience. The Teacher Toolkit provides a robust set of tools for quickly learning more about how the Khan Academy works, and offers suggested uses for different types of learners and different instructional situations, along with insights into the resources available to teachers through the site.

Redesigning the khan academy teacher toolkit
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