Master thesis deckblatt deutsch

Students must have passed a sufficient number of examinations and have therefore accumulated at least 60 credits. With abstract topics it is often difficult to find a suitable image. Do you have an official title?

The duration of the final thesis is: Please read also the examination regulation. A failed thesis can be redone only once. The evaluation of the final thesis should normally take not longer than six weeks.

Just as with the supervisor, here you state the function, initials and last name of the second reader. Master thesis deckblatt deutsch is safe and reliable! The final thesis can in adequately substantiated cases be completed as a group project when the performance under examination for each student is so clearly demarcated by means of the identification of sections or pages or other objective criteria that the evaluation of the individual contributions can be made.

State the name of the educational institution. Does the supervisor have an official title? First initials and last name of the author: Sometimes an information page is required by your educational program. Is this article helpful? Discussion of the topic with the supervisor.

Prerequisites for the Final Thesis Bachelor Thesis Master Thesis Students must have passed a sufficient number of examinations and therefore have accumulated at least credits. Students must have satisfied the internship requirements.

The number of pages for the Bachelor Thesis is normally 30 to 40 pages, and for the Master Thesis normally 40 to 60 pages.

See all other checklists Return to checklist Did you know? Title page Name the type of document: It is customary not to write out your first name. Significant detailed results can, where appropriate, be summarized in an annexe.

You can check your paper or thesis for plagiarism in less than 10 minutes? A second resubmission of the final thesis is not permissible.


Signing the registration form at the examination office. The preparation time starts Preparing the topic of the thesis. Students must have successfully participated in the requisite language courses, when such are deemed necessary on the basis of the relevant placement tests.

Filling in the registration form for the final thesis at the office of the supervisor. A subtitle often consists of 1 or 2 sentences that clarify the title.

You can also add the initials of any baptismal or additional names. Evaluation of the thesis by the supervisor. After finishing the thesis the student has to defend the work within a colloquium.

It is customary to note your student identification number. The registration form is sent to the examination office by the supervisor. A short, catchy title that makes the reader eager for more.

The final thesis must be drafted in German or English and submitted to the Examination Committee in triplicate, printed and bound in DIN A4 format, on or before the deadline. When submitting the final thesis, students must guarantee in writing that they alone wrote the thesis or, in the case of a joint project, their own part of the thesis, and used no other sources or auxiliary aids than those acknowledged and no quotations other than those cited.

Note the name of the educational program. International Final Thesis The final thesis is an examination paper which concludes the scientific education in every degree course within the academic program ISE.

In this case, you could add a tag cloud to your title page.A template for a nice hardcover if your thesis is printed by Comouth Info: The font used in the template should be Zapf's final digital version of his Palatino Typeface which is sold by Linotype.

Final Thesis

Meine Meinung dazu: Abschlussarbeit (Diplomarbeit) ist Deutsch; Master Thesis ist Englisch; Master Arbeit ist Denglisch. Entweder sollte man im Deutschen. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. (Master) Master Thesis Simulation of Interactive Virtual Spaces.

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Master in Würzburg. Sprachwissenschaft einen Kurs in der germanistischen Sprachwissenschaft besuchen, muss Ihre Hausarbeit das folgende Deckblatt enthalten.

Bewerbung. Master-Thesis. Für die Anmeldung der MA-Thesis benötigen Sie das Formular gemäß ASPO Sie müssen sich dieses Formular zweifach ausdrucken und damit zu einer. Umschaltung zwischen Englisch und Deutsch direkt im LaTeX-Quellcode über (Aus-)Kommentierung der Anweisung \selectlanguage{english} in LaTeX-IDEs überprüfen, ob Projektsprache richtig eingestellt ist.

Master thesis deckblatt deutsch
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