Interpersonal conflicts in the movie ihitchi essay

The story began when the main character, Alex Hitch, a secret professional dating consultant who makes living by teaching men how to woo women, met Sara, a journalist, in a pub and then he was attracted to her. The conflict was solved when they both opened themselves more to each other.

More essays like this: At this point, both Hitch and Sara handled the conflict poorly. Moreover, it is expressed disagreement, struggle, or discord, and it occurs only if disagreements are expressed overtly or covertly.

Although the problem in this conflict was just a misunderstanding between Hitch and Sara, and it could have been solved easily, it became harder due to their lack of effective communication.

You know nothing about me and my job. Sara slowly fell in love with Hitch for his charming character, and their relationship turned into intimate one.

According to what I have learned, conflict is a normal and unavoidable part of relationship; and depending on how people manage disagreements, conflicts can either provide continuing closeness or ruin a relationship.

For her, teaching other men to woo women was a fraud, and there was no good reason to defense it. I think they could have sat back and discussed constructively to find where the problem began so that they could solve it.

Interpersonal Conflicts in the Movie “Hitch” Essay Sample

And that led to the conflict between them later. The way she talked showed that she was sure what she thought was right, and she was unwilling to consider other point of view. In another plot, when Hitch showed up in a speed dating event where Sara and her best friend participated, they briefly exchanged words.

Then, she blamed Hitch for setting up her friend with that bad guy, and she started a fight with Hitch at his house.

In my opinion, there would be no conflict between them if Hitch had disclosed his job for Sara from the beginning of their relationship. Another problem of the conflict may be due to the lack of trust between them.

Effective communication is always a key role in any relationship, especially intimate one.

They talked about mostly everything while getting to know each other. Because of her best friend, Sara tried to find who date doctor was, and later on she found out that was Hitch. People should learn how to communicate with each other effectively from the beginning of a relationship in order to avoid any conflict.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.In the movie Hitch (Mordaunt & Tadross, ) I noticed the interpersonal conflict of lack of communication between the character Alex (Hitch) and Sara.

In the movie they started to date and really got to like each other however, they both failed to disclose some very personal and important facts about one another. Interpersonal Conflicts in the Movie “Hitch” Essay Sample. Interpersonal conflict exits when people in “I-You” or “I-Thou” relationships have different views, interests, or goals and feel a need to resolve those differences (Wilmot & Hocker, ).

Interpersonal Conflict - Hocker () defined conflict and specifically interpersonal conflict as an expressed struggle involving a minimum of two interdependent individuals who have incompatible goals, scarce resources, and they perceive obstruction from the other party in achieving their goals.

Interpersonal conflict within any relationship is normal but must be carefully resolved so that long term damage doesn’t occur. In the movie, “Hitch” there was a few interpersonal conflicts that erupted. Interpersonal Conflict in Hitch Monica Winsley COM Interpersonal Communication Jacey Saucedo March 25, Interpersonal Conflict of Hitch In this movie there was an interpersonal conflict between two people.

The interpersonal conflict was cause due to communication. Communication is a key role in any relationship, whether. Interpersonal Conflict in the Movie Hitch COM Interpersonal Communication October 7, Interpersonal Conflict in the Movie Hitch Conflict between people is a part of life and it is not necessarily a bad thing.

Interpersonal conflicts in the movie ihitchi essay
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