How to write appraisee discussion remarks

The manager prepares lists of statements of very effective and ineffective behavior of an employee.

He is lazy, negligent, stubborn and uninterested in work. Some evaluators may be poor in writing essays on employee performance. The employees ranked in the top group usually get the rewards raise, bonus, promotionthose not at the top tend to have the reward withheld, and those at the bottom sometimes get punished.

The description is an evaluation of the performance of any individual based on the facts and often includes examples and evidences to support the information.

A major drawback of the method is the inseparability of the bias of the evaluator. And technology plays the most crucial role in providing the platform to have fast and quick and informal communication. The essay evaluation method however, suffers from the following limitations: On the other hand, appraiser takes a long time, this becomes uneconomical from the view point of the firm, because the time of the evaluator supervisor is costly.

This technique is normally used with a combination of the graphic rating scale because the rater can elaborately present the scale by substantiating an explanation for his rating. For example, when one of the authors passes back exams, he places the grade distribution on the board. This method is advantageous in at least one sense, i.

What it means is the annual performance appraisal is dead and most organisations today are adopting regular, realtime, anecdotal and casual feedback. Companies are moving to real-time performance appraisal and that is why in our system everything is shareable and realtime.

The manager maintains logs on each employee, whereby he periodically records critical incidents of the workers behavior. These critical incidents or events represent the outstanding or poor behavior of employees on the job. Ranking can also be used for developmental purposes by letting employees know where they stand in comparison to their peers—they can be motivated to improve performance.

This method avoids recency bias most recent incidents get too much emphasis. The appraiser is required to find time to prepare the essay. This method suffers however from the following limitations: After all the comparisons on the basis of the overall comparisons, the employees are given the final rankings.

The recording of incidents may be a chore for the manager concerned, who may be too busy or forget to do it. Essay evaluation is a non-quantitative technique.

Only authorised persons are allowed to open the sealed covers which consists of confidential reports. While preparing the essay on the employee, the rater considers the following factors: Appraiser is a person who appraises employee will give rating for every trait given by marking or choosing number basing on his observation and satisfaction.

So when we have to make evaluative decisions, we generally have to use ranking. In Self-Assessment and Skill Builderyou are asked to rank the performance of your peers. A busy appraiser may write the essay hurriedly without properly assessing the actual performance of the worker.

July 20 — The sales clerk patiently attended to the customers complaint. It is highly subjective; the supervisor may write a biased essay. Under the ranking method, the manager com-pares an employee to other similar employees, rather than to a standard measurement. It does not in any way affect the current grades—but it lets students know where they stand, and he does it to motivate improvement.

Confidential reports are the main criteria for promoting or transferring of any employee mainly in the government sector. Confidential reports shall not be handed over in loose sheets to the subordinates.

The employees who are sycophants will be evaluated more favorably then other employees. Procedure of confidential report system The superiors who appraises their subordinates performance, behaviour and other key issues will be kept in the form of writing on paper, which is called as confidential report.

It results in very close supervision which may not be liked by the employee. Confidential report should not be sent openly on a paper, it must be kept in a sealed cover to send it to decision-making authorities.

July 20 — The sales assistant stayed 45 minutes over on his break during the busiest part of the day. It is very difficult to find effective writers nowadays. However, our ranking can, and when possible should, be based on other methods and forms. All governmental organisations example judiciary, police Department and other government departments in the India are using confidential reports method as a tool to know about the employee and to take any decision connecting to him.

Others may be superficial in explanation and use flowery language which may not reflect the actual performance of the employee.Port Manteaux churns out silly new words when you feed it an idea or two. Enter a word (or two) above and you'll get back a bunch of portmanteaux created by jamming together words that are conceptually related to your inputs.

For example, enter "giraffe" and you'll get back words like "gazellephant" and "gorilldebeest". Rating Scales Method is commonly used method for assessing the performance of the employees and well-known traditional method of performance appraisal of employees.

The Appraisal Discussion 5. Training and Monitoring 6. Performance Appraisal & Personal Development Plan Pro Forma 38 All staff will receive appraisal training as an appraisee, and where appropriate as an appraiser.

Verbal – unwelcome remarks, suggestions and propositions, malicious gossip, jokes and banter, offensive language.

How to write appraisee discussion remarks
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