Free 1st grade dr seuss writing activities

Give students a handout with these words and phrases listed: Seuss characters or completely new characters whose behaviors represent the same themes. Discuss the main ideas and themes in the book. One of the most important functions of literature, whether for teenagers, adults, or young children, is to convey a message, lesson, or overall idea that the author feels is important.

Ask each student or small group to choose one theme that Dr.

Seuss conveyed political and social themes that he felt were important. Why do students think Dr. The theme should be written prominently at the top of the poster to serve as its title. Have them write down those main ideas on their own piece of paper, next to the name of each book.

The following may be done before or after students complete the assessment activity: Do students remember the lessons they learned from any of these childhood stories? Seuss use to get his points across? For example, if they wrote "anti-war" in their notes while watching the video excerpt on The Butter Battle Book, they should add "anti-war" to the list on their handout.

Which words and phrases on the handout apply to these books? Ask them to select "The Gallery" from the left side of the screen and then select "Enter Gallery" at the lower right.

Take a few minutes to discuss themes from books students may have read as younger children, including the Dr.

The Butter Battle Book Themes: How do you feel about the main themes and lessons of this story? How do his techniques help get his points across? Have them create posters showing examples of stories and drawings that illustrate this theme.

If not, ask them to list the themes they believe the book does express and to write a paragraph explaining how those themes are presented in the book. Also discuss the techniques Dr. Allow students to look at the pictures, and ask them to think about the messages and main points of the story.

Horton Hears A Who! They should add text to describe how the characters represent the theme. Uses viewing skills and strategies to understand and interpret visual media Teaching strategy: After viewing each segment, ask students to determine the main lesson or theme Dr.

The following questions may be helpful in this discussion: Yertle the Turtle Themes: Hold a brief class discussion on a work of literature, short story, or poem that students have recently read, either in your class or in another class that all your students have in common.

Does the story have a moral? As students will see shortly, Dr. The Cat in the Hat Themes: They may realize that these words and phrases describe themes that appear in some of the Dr.

Cold War, against silly conflict that escalates into a dangerous situation 5. Seuss book to the class. Hitler, thirst for power Have them look at the following Dr. Seuss used in his books. Seuss uses to convey these messages and themes.

Seuss included in his books, such as racism, tolerance and environmental stewardship.Home | Books | Movie | Activities | The movie Dr.

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Unique creative writing templates, worksheets, powerpoint lessons, How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss.

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Have some fun with the Cat in the Hat!

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Free 1st grade dr seuss writing activities
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