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Patton possed with his famous ivory-handled colts for this painting. Later he would say, "All my life, I have wanted to lead a lot of men in a desperate battle"; but he would have to wait more than two decades for his opportunity to do so.

More importantly, he took an automobile out on patrol, which may have been the first use of a motor vehicle in combat by the U. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Patton became governor of occupied Bavaria soon after the German surrender on 7 May, but was relieved of his position because he allowed former Nazis to maintain Essay on general patton positions in the Bavarian government.

Though he published a few articles and poems during his lifetime, as well as an army saber manual that he wrote c.

Winning was exceptionally important to Patton and this autocratic leadership ideal was evident in his statements: In two offensives during September ofhe led the 1st Tank Brigade, which he had organized.

In the book, he offers his impressions of colleagues and adversaries, and openly discusses his fears in facing battle. Twelve days later, on 21 Decemberhe died in Heidelberg. Conclusion General Patton employed both positive and negative leadership behaviors. He demonstrated an uncanny ability to motivate his troops.

Three-Star General Patton It was a good choice, because in the Summer ofit was the Third Army under his leadership that broke through the German defenses in the Normandy campaign.

Communication styles General Patton did not employ the more effective transactional model of communication. Hire Writer A good leader has the wherewithal to determine the appropriate leadership style for each situation Hickman, p Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.

Patton, Jr by Crystal Knight American General George Smith Patton is considered by many to be one of the greatest generals in the history of the world.

Famous Patton Quotes "Never tell people how to do things. Interpersonal Orientation As a leader, he excelled within the task orientated model, performing brilliantly with the technical military stratagems, but failed with interpersonal relationships, exhibiting poor people skills.

In addition to his extroverted qualities, however, Patton was a scholar of history who possessed—according to many who knew him well—a surprising degree of sensitivity.

Patton continued to advanced rapidly across France to take the battle to Germany itself.

His nonfiction, his poetry, and his life shared a common theme: He demonstrated blatant arrogance; not acknowledging his own mistakes but instead blaming others. The Third Army crushed German resistance where ever they met it, as Patton drove his troops with fierce determination into Germany.

He turned his troops toward the southeast, entering Bavaria, Austria, and Czechoslovakia in rapid succession. The next decade he served in Illinois, Virginia, and Kansas and competed on the U.

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His scholarship found expression in his military writings, and his sensitivity in his poetic work. American military commander, memoirist, historian, nonfiction writer, and poet.

The contradiction of his leadership is an example of what a leader can be and what they should not be.George Patton Essay; George Patton Essay. Essay on Patton- Fuller Community Hospital Networking Project.

General Patton understood the intent of the Battle of the Bulge on different levels, he was able to form a mental image for the course of actions for the allies, enemies and lead his Army into combat while guiding his officers and. Free Essay: General George S. Patton was a great man, and accomplished many great things in his career as a military officer.

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He was hard-nosed and didn’t. General Patton was a formidable and strategic leader. "Patton is now considered one of the greatest military figures in history' (General Patton, n. D.). Unfortunately, his blunt and intolerant personality and his authoritarian leadership style, at one point, was the primary force In his fall from grace.

George S. Patton, Jr by Crystal Knight. American General George Smith Patton is considered by many to be one of the greatest generals in the history of the world. General George Patton - Synthesis Essay: General George Patton Standing in a crowd of hundreds, anxious about what is to come—combat; waiting for a man whose reputation greatly precedes him the man who will lead you into battle—into a nightmare.

(Full name George Smith Patton, Jr.) American military commander, memoirist, historian, nonfiction writer, and poet. General George S. Patton, Jr.

commanded United States tank forces in World War.

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