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She would be so pretty that her parents would stop fighting. She believes that she is ugly, for, she craves for blue eyes, thereby deforming her own life as a black girl.

Precisely, she experiences direct oppression from the American society for being white, but more routinely she is subject to an internalized set of values that creates its own cycle of marginalization within families and the neighborhood.

Yacobowski degrades her by refusing to touch her hand to take her money. Her father would stop drinking.

She is the "broken-winged bird that cannot Essay of pecola breedlove. All little black girls try to grow up into healthy women with positive self-images — despite the fact that white society seems to value and love only little girls with blue eyes, yellow hair, and pink skin.

At the fag-end of the novel, she delusively believes that her wish has been granted, but only at the cost of her sanity. Get Access Pecola Breedlove: These cultural pressures of what defines beauty make Pecola aware of just how much she strays from that defined beauty.

At the very opening, she is haunted by two desires: If only people would look at her. Pecola Breedlove is indeed a victim of her environment — racism and patriarchy. Pecola, since her birth, has been subjected to violent rejection and abuse, even from her close relatives.

She is ridiculed by most of the other children and is insulted and tormented by black schoolboys because of her dark skin and coarse features. As a black American girl, Pecola is doubly oppressed: Furthermore, she is terribly raped by her father, Cholly Breedlove and becomes a victim of incest relationship.

Work Cited Morrison, Tony. Cholly abuses Pecola in the most dramatically obscene way possible — and never once does Pecola fight back. As a tragic heroine witnessing the slow destruction of her own hope, she captures the sympathy of every mind.

Back Cover This desperate longing leads, in the end, to madness which emphasizes that realization of the wish for white beauty may be even more terrible than the wish impulse itself.

Like the marigolds portrayed in the novel, she never gets a chance to nurture because she belongs to a society, which is a hub of racism. She is an eleven year old black girl; she believes that she is ugly and having blue eyes would make her attractive.

Neither wish gets fulfilled; she finds solace in seclusion and in her own fantasy world of nightmarish memories. She might have yelled back at the boys who tormented her after school the way Frieda did; she might have thrown her money at Mr.

She is raped by her drunken father and self-deceived into believing that God has miraculously given her the blue eyes that she prayed for. This eventually results in her desire for blue eyes, thereby leading her into madness. Pecola, a little black girl in the s, does not survive. The portrayal of the tragic circumstance of Pecola makes this one of the tear- jerking novels of the 20th century.

The school-boys torment Pecola about her ugly blackness, Maureen buys her an ice cream cone in order to "get into her business," and she is psychologically abused by the degrading conditions under which she and her brother, Sammy, live as they watch their parents abuse one another.

She cannot even enjoy a piece of candy without feeling that she is different and lacking in some way in terms of beauty. Rinehart and Winston, In her eleven years, no one had ever noticed Pecola.

Her attitude and mindset are really constructs of a white, male- dominated society. Pecola Breedlove, though she is the protagonist, remains passive and mysterious in the course of The Bluest Eye.

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The Bluest Eye

Get started now! The Bluest Eye is a brilliantly written novel revealing the fictional trauma of an eleven-year-old black girl named Pecola Breedlove. This story takes place in the town of Lorain, Ohio during the ’s. Pecola Breedlove: A Critical Appraisal Essay Sample.

As an acclaimed American author of fiction and the recipient of the Nobel Prize for literature, Tony Morrison’s novels are radically powerful, exploring the realms of racism and ‘womanism’.

Pecola Breedlove: A Critical Appraisal Essay Sample

Free pecola breedlove papers, essays, and research papers. In Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye it is this point in the novel that the protagonist Pecola Breedlove is raped by her father Cholly, a most unexpected thing to do and the events in her life take the worst turn.

Free Essay: The Story of Pecola Breedlove in The Bluest Eyes by Toni Morrison The story of Pecola Breedlove in The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison is very.

Essay of pecola breedlove
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