Car tuning

Stage 3 cars can sometimes include a forged crankshaft. Stiffer sway bars reduce body roll during cornering, thus improving the grip that the tires have on the surface by reducing suspension geometry changes caused by roll; this also improves handling response due to faster weight shifting similar to stiffer springs.

Some common modifications include higher quality speakers and subwoofers, amps, a better wiring system, etc. Drivers with little or no automotive, mechanical, or racing experience would modify their vehicles to emulate the more impressive versions of racing vehicles, with mixed results.

This Japanese motorbike style features additional fairings and exaggerated exhausts. Past a certain level of power increasing modifications, the Car tuning and ill-placed intercooler becomes ineffective, and a popular modification to overcome this limitation was to install an aftermarket intercooler in the "normal" position behind the front bumper, thus the term FMIC.

A CAI, coupled with an atmosphere-venting Car tuning on turbocharged cars, and a "non-resonated" and sometimes "decat" exhaust are often the early mods made by owners interested primarily in increasing the noise level of their cars, modifications providing little or no performance improvement.

Car Tuning Simulator

Events are held where entrants compete for the loudest, highest quality reception or most innovative sound systems. Lowering the center of gravity via suspension modifications is another aim of body tuning. FMIC - A front-mounted intercooler. Other components that are sometimes added are strut barswhich improve the body stiffness and help better maintain the proper suspension geometry during cornering.

Car tuning

For example, all vehicles in Victoria, Australia, must conform to construction standards to ensure vehicle safety.

Styles of modification[ edit ] Modified cars can be significantly different from their stock counterparts.

Catback - The portion of the exhaust system downstream of the catalytic converter. Body tuning[ edit ] Body tuning involves adding or modifying spoilers and Car tuning body kit in order to improve not just the physical looks of the car, but most importantly, the aerodynamic performance of a vehicle.

Custom Tune - A tune that has been customized for a particular car, often modified in specific ways that require some adjustments to the OTS calibration. Resonator - A noise-reduction device inline with the exhaust pipe and usually straight-through, which dampen sound waves by the means of packed absorption material placed around a perforated tube section.

Pull - A full-throttle RPM sweep in straight-line on a level street, or on a rolling road dynousually in 3rd or 4th gear and from low RPMs all the way to the engine speed limiter.

Legal requirements[ edit ] Many countries or municipalities have legal requirements which govern vehicle modifications. Hub dynos are also more compact, the hub brakes being the size of small laundry wash machines.

Lowriders use another type of suspension tuning in which the height of each individual wheel can be rapidly adjusted by a system of rams which, in some cases, makes it possible to "bounce" the wheels completely clear of the ground.

On other cars, the noise is conveyed by an acoustic pipe from the engine bay to the cockpit, and other systems probably exist. Those dynos are more accurate than rolling road dynos as they eliminate one significant source of slippage the tiresproducing more accurate results.

In the s and s, many Japanese performance cars were never exported outside the Japanese domestic market. Such modifications, even if they do not actually result in increased emissions, prevent legal use on public roads.

Roof chops and sectioning the body are also used to improve aerodynamics, dating back to the s. Cars engineered for straight-line acceleration. In such cases, the interior is stripped, and the required weight is achieved by adding ballast that allows precise control over weight distribution.

Drivers also personalize tires for aesthetic reasons, for example, by adding tire lettering. One car length is a fair gap while 3 car lengths is considered to be a lot.

By increasing the roll resistance of on end, weight transfer is concentrated at that end, causing it to slip more than the other.

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The OTS tunes typically offer modest performance improvements and are often used as bases for further modifications. On stock modern turbos, the lag is usually inferior to one second, Car tuning some big aftermarket turbos exhibit lags sometimes of two seconds or more.

Detuning[ edit ] Detuning is returning a modified car to its original factory status or reducing its performance in a particular area of tuning. The names of Abarth and Cooper appear on models styled after the cars they modified.

A tune typically voids the powertrain warranty, unless sanctioned by the car manufacturer most tunes are not. Other BOVs vents to the atmosphere, creating a sometimes loud Pschhhhhh! Rolling Road - A chassis dynamometer, often simply called "a dyno", which includes a metered brake that allows torque measurements, as well as speed measurements, which enable to measure the torque and power produced at the wheels.Car tuning is the modification of the performance or appearance of a vehicle.

Most vehicles leave the factory set up for an average driver's expectations and.

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Car tuning
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