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Contractualist The rights view: He begins by asking what grounds human rights. Indirect theorists can, and have, responded to this line of argument in three ways.

However, since they lack a welfare, there is nothing to take directly into account when acting. The attempt to grant all and only human beings a full and equal moral status does not work according to Singer. He also thinks it is a mistake to ground an equal moral status on Utilitarian grounds, as Singer attempts to do.

Singer concludes that animals can experience pain and suffering by relying on the argument from analogy see the discussion of Cartesian Theories above.

By focusing on interests themselves, Utilitarianism will license the most horrendous actions.

Animals and Ethics

A difference between rescuing a human or a dog. He believes that animals should not be treated as our resources. Therefore, there is no way to defend the claim that all and only human beings deserve a full and equal moral status.

The Animal rights and ethical theories essay of Peter Singer is that all animals are equal in the sense that they all can sense pain and suffering. He looks at the environment in terms of deep ecology. In other words, unless it is wrong in itself to harm the animal, it is hard to see why such an act would lead people to do other acts that are likewise wrong.

In other words, both human beings and animals respond in the same way when confronted with "pain stimuli"; both animals and human beings have brains, nerves, neurons, endorphins, and other structures; and both human beings and animals are relatively close to each other on the evolutionary scale.

Who gives the right of the Lioness to hunt Gazelles in the plains of Serengeti, and I none? Singer argues that if we were to rely on these sorts of properties as the basis of determining moral status, then we would justify a kind of discrimination against certain human beings that is structurally analogous to such practices as racism and sexism.

We should rise above this and give animals their due. Since we believe that these sorts of human beings do have direct moral status, there must be something wrong with any theory that claims they do not.

Regan believes that animal and humans all have intrinsic value, therefor they have a right to life. If a being is sentient then it has direct moral status. Problems with Indirect Duties to Animals Another argument against indirect theories begins with the intuition that there are some things that simply cannot be done to animals.

The Argument from Analogy relies on the similarities between animals and human beings in order to support the claim that animals are conscious. Singer wants the suffering of animals to be taken into consideration. This property is one that all of the human beings that we think deserve rights have; however, it is a property that many animals especially mammals have as well.

The Case for Animal Experimentation: I would personally prefer either chicken, tuna, salmon or shrimp to any meat dish.

Essay/Term paper: Animal ethics

However, there are some properties which only human beings have which have seemed to many to be able to ground a full and equal moral status; for example, being rational, autonomous, or able to act morally have all been used to justify giving a stronger status to human beings than we do to animals.

Which means they look at the big picture which includes the animals and its environment. This sort of reasoning has been used to justify such practices as experimentation that uses animals, raising animals for food, and using animals for our entertainment in such places as rodeos and zoos.

He does however argue for a range of the quality of pain. Regan argues for his case by relying on the concept of inherent value. References and Further Reading. Since it is possible to explain animal behavior without reference to inner episodes of awareness, doing so is simpler than relying on the assumption that animals are conscious, and is therefore the preferred explanation.

We find the lives of beings that can experience these goods to be more valuable, and hence deserving of more protection, than the lives of beings that cannot. If being Animal rights and ethical theories essay to an animal will make us more likely to be cruel to other human beings, we ought not be cruel to animals; if being grateful to animal will help us in being grateful to human beings then we ought to be grateful to animals.

These facts require the immediate end to many of our practices according to Singer. Therefor she wants to look at the ecosystem as a whole.

Anarchy, State, and Utopia New York: Few in recent times are willing to make that kind of a claim. Notice, however, that the mistake the racist is making is merely a factual mistake.

According to Regan, we must conclude that animals have the same moral status as human beings; furthermore, that moral status is grounded on rights, not on Utilitarian principles.Animal Rights And Ethics Philosophy Essay.

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The sheep lived only six years where she should live at least 12 years. ETHICS AND ANIMAL RIGHTS. The Rights of Animals and Living Matter to Life on Earth. A Position Paper. BY. Muhammad Hozien.

for. Ethics. Prof. Michael Haliprin. William Paterson University. Spring Utilitarian: Perhaps the fault lies not in that we do not have a moral theory to rely upon but we have no moral to rely upon.

We will review animal rights, concerns, and how animal rights are looked upon when applying different ethical theories. We will also conclude that the deontology theory would be most in benefit of animals in the case of animal right whereas the utilitarian theory would be in the greatest benefit of humans when looking at animal rights.

Animal Rights Essay. Essay on Animal Rights. Innumerable thinkers have devoted immense amounts of time and energy to the formulation of various ethical theories intended to assist humans in their daily lives. These theories set out guidelines which help to determine the rightness or wrongness of any given action and can therefore.

Animals and Ethics. Arguing by analogy, moral equality theories often extend the concept of rights to animals on the grounds that they have similar physiological and mental capacities as infants or disabled human beings.

Regan, Tom. The Case for Animal Rights (Berkeley. Related Documents: Essay on Morality and Animal Rights Theory Essay on Animal rights Animal rights are considered to be an ethical issue in society due to the ongoing debate of what is the wrong or right way to treat an animal.

This issue is made more difficult by the deep love that many people feel for animals. For years there have .

Animal rights and ethical theories essay
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